Multinational Trading Companies

International and regional trade presents some of the most problematic inter-party engagement situations.

Whether it is impenetrable incoterms or arcane qualifying triggers for letters of credit redemption, controlling the assurance elements of cross-border commerce consistently ranks among the topmost causes of headaches for managers.

A commodity trader eager to consolidate the flow of documentation within the supply chain, starting at the primary sourcing point, had to consider the highly diverse backgrounds of actors in that supply chain in order not to create process bottlenecks that will ultimately disrupt the final settlement point upstream.

Of paramount importance was a system of checks and balances that did not rely on extensive training of downstream actors in order to foist a uniform bureaucratic process on unreceptive layers of the less than uniform ecosystem. But this had to be done in the recognition of the uncompromising requirement of a standardised level of assurance throughout the chain.

These are indeed the perfect-fit scenarios for the innovative Veryfy model, with its extreme capacity to modularise where it matters and reassemble when it countsagain, it is Veryfy to the rescue; the only solution designed specifically with such tough constraints in mind.