Financial Institutions

A major financial institution with a large portfolio of commercial activities in the SME space wanted to bring into control the entire relationship banking process. Clients had come to favour the personal touch approach that made it possible for them to initiate financial transactions even at odd hours with little more than a phone call and email, something only private banking for high net worth individuals and blue chip corporate banking had been able to deliver not all that long ago.

But with such flexibility comes great risks :

and a whole host of others.

These are precisely the scenarios where Veryfy excels. Enabling highly flexible operational procedures without sacrificing oversight, compliance and control. Or take the insurance company that has been battling with policy fraud despite the by-the-minute increase in document protection complexity.

How does a highly aspirational mid-sized insurer mediate the thorny trade-off between the expectations of the market around expedited claims processing and the dire need to suppress policy fraud, especially in a market context where direct sales agents constitute the most promising channel?

Once again, it is Veryfy to the rescue; the only solution designed specifically with such tough constraints in mind.