Credential Bodies

A recent media investigation unveiled the existence of a diploma mill in South Asia that sold as many as 200,000 fake degrees in the Gulf alone within the space of a few years. The world is today awash in fake credentials of every conceivable kind. From full blown degree scams to dodgy transcripts and shady certification programs for complex vocations, including nuclear plants management and medicine.

A professional certification organisation’s hard worn reputation had been suffering a slow, and pernicious, depletion over years beneath the radar of managers and directors as underperforming scammers passing off their credentials attracted low grading at thousands of employers, many beyond their sphere of knowledge.

It was absolutely in their interest to secure the credentials they issue and communicate the point as persistently as possible using all available channels including customised portals for third-parties.

That is where Veryfy comes in. We offer quite literally the world’s most cost-effective (setup is free!) and seamless-to-deploy platform for certification security suited for all operational contexts.