Solutions And Services

Secure Cert

Are you an examination or certification agency? Do you issue credentials or professional accreditations? This is the solution for all your security needs. Prevent the abuse of your certificates and transcripts with this integrated tool. Get Veryfy for free.

Smart ID

Personnel management starts with smart and accurate identification systems. We don’t only enable you to develop super-secure, ultra-hardened, ID cards. Veryfy SmartID solution goes way beyond that. It brings together all the essential elements of personnel identification, from records management to instant verification, anywhere, anytime. Start for free.

Avatha Block Chain As A Service

Blockchain promises an end to disputes based on transparency deficits. Any agreement or transaction between two or more parties can become the subject of disputes when parties maintain separate repositories of facts. Recollection of the essential matters start to diverge. Blockchain technology powers distributed ledgers and ensure a uniform state across those ledgers. That means a common frame of reference for everyone party to a transaction or agreement. Why not start backing all your contracts, orders and promissory notes with blockchain assurance?

Automated Forms Processing

As you bring more of the interface between your company and the external world online, forms management quickly becomes a critical success factor. Whether you want applicants for jobs in your organisation to apply online or you simply want to collate surveys via a web portal, there is so much that can go wrong. And the costs could easily balloon to compare with the cost of building a full website. Why not spare yourself the hassle and simply adopt a ready made online forms engine with a built-in anti-fraud checker? This solution also comes with an integrated workflow capability to make the task of handling and processing submissions so much easier.

Smart Invoicing & Intelligent Escrow Solution

We don’t always do business with those we know very well. Much too often than we would prefer we have to enter into agreements and transactions without any history or track record to rely on. That is where smart invoicing and escrow services become essential. The Veryfy team continues to evolve this solution towards the ideal point of complete peace of mind for all transacting businesses cautious about prepayments before receipt of purchase or of promises to pay after service delivery.

Process Control

Management accounting and process controls are expensive to deploy, cumbersome to manage, and difficult to modify. The Veryfy team has studied the problem for more than a decade and finally invented the document-centric model. It is lean, agile and completely cool. It shaves off mountains of waste and time-wasting lard from the control process. Whether it is limiting specific departments to particular routines or regulating visibility, you will find the Veryfy model a powerful and compact solution to help you design all manner of internal and external checks using just a few powerful permutations.